Markay & Jane big smileMarkay is passionate about changing people’s financial future!

She has taught thousands of students how to trade in the stock market and is considered among the best instructors in the country when it comes to technical analysis and stock chart reading.

Most importantly, when Markay Latimer talks to you about learning how to make money in the stock market, she’s backing it up with personal experience.

After college, Markay began a career in public relations. But like many people, she wanted the freedom that comes with having a little extra money. She stumbled across a book about stock market trading. That changed everything.

With a strong motivation to improve her financial situation and gain the freedom that money can bring, Markay studied every bit of stock market educational material she could get her hands on. She pooled her money and began to trade. Over time, she learned what worked and what didn’t work and developed her style of trading that simplifies the complicated world of the stock market.

Markay took a $2,000 trading account and grew it to $2 million in two years.

While Markay’s situation isn’t typical, her success is proof of what is possible when you learn to trade the stock market. And although she experienced losses along the way, Markay began to steadily grow her account. The key for her success came through understanding stock market charts and indicators, which was a surprise to her.

“I thought there’s no way a past chart is going to tell you how to make money today,” Markay said. But, after hours of research, and a lot of trades both profitable and losing, Markay discovered she had been wrong about charting. Those stock charts contain fountains of information that may be used to make better investing decisions. She was a convert. She could see that charting had the potential to improve trading profits and limit losses.

Today Markay Latimer is one of the nation’s most knowledgeable instructors and educators in the field of charting and patterns.

Markay & Jim 5-DayThe long-range result was the development of her proprietary system of scans and filters that reveal stocks with tradable patterns, often before you can find them elsewhere. The real value in this tool is how it cuts down the preparation time, which allows more time for other life activities. Which, by the way, is an important reason for Markay’s interest in trading and investing.

She knows that money doesn’t buy happiness, but she also knows that having a secure financial future creates the freedom for people to live the lives they want. She and her husband have three young children who remind them every day that financial freedom allows all of us to spend time and do things with those who are important to us. One of her favorite sayings is that “money only makes you more of what you are” and that good people, when given the opportunity to secure more money, will do good things with it.

Markay has been helping students learn how to trade in the stock market for more than 15 years. Her pleasant personality and upbeat style makes learning fun and keeps her students coming back for more.

She is the creator of eight DVD series and the host of a variety of online subscription workshops and at times you will find her speaking live at various locations around the globe.