You CAN Learn to

Successfully Trade the Stock Market.

Born and, for the most part, raised in Washington State, Markay didn’t have a vast math background, she actually failed her first algebra class. But, more importantly, she certainly didn’t think she had the skills to do anything in the stock market.

If you were to ask Markay as a young girl what she wanted to be when she grew up, the answer was always without hesitation, “a doctor”. She absolutely loved, and still does, the idea of helping people and was fascinated by how the body works. As she got older, particularly when she started university, she got a huge dose of reality… math was not in her skill set. She just wasn’t very good with numbers, which forced her to abandon her dream of becoming a doctor and decided to go with the next best thing based on what she enjoyed most and was extremely good at, interacting with others. Markay is a HUGE people person! She graduated with a BA of Arts in the college of Communications and a minor in Business Management.

Once Markay entered the workforce she quickly realized just how very wrong the University counselors were regarding their income projections! For the next 4 years she took different jobs in PR and Marketing until making her way back to Seattle and reaching her turning point, finally acquiring vacation days and not having enough money to do anything! That was when she knew she was going to do whatever it took to get through and pass those math classes and get into medical school!

Going to medical school comes with a very large price tag attached, so how on earth was Markay, an adult working in the very low paying field of Public Relations, going to pay for med school when she didn’t even have enough money to take a decent vacation? Call it destiny if you want, this is the time she ran across a book about the stock market on her mother’s bookshelf.  Intrigued by the opportunities the stock market offered and excited this might be her ticket to a better life, Markay threw herself into studying and researching the stock market and option strategies.

After a lot of hard work and study she began seeing some success in the stock market. She continued to develop as a trader and got to the point that she didn’t think med school was the answer she thought it was and turned all her attention to her new love, the stock market.

When she wasn’t working or taking classes, Markay was studying everything she could find on market charting, trading, and options.  She flew across the country to take classes with other companies and devoted all her time to learning the ins and outs of the stock market.  Pretty soon, she was teaching some of the very classes she had been attending. Markay excelled at teaching because she is genuinely a people person and has a natural talent for distilling complex information and concepts into simple, understandable pieces.

How She Turned $2000 into $2 million in 2 Years…

During this time, Markay took $1,000 of her own money, plus $500 each from her sister and her mother, and began testing her trading knowledge.  Within two years, Markay had parlayed that small investment into $2 million.  With the tech industry driving a skyrocketing market, Markay had the opportunity to apply and test her theories about charting, options, and market entries and exits.  When the tech bubble burst, Markay, like a lot of traders, lost a substantial chunk of money – but she also gained substantial knowledge and experience, and it was those lessons that provided the foundation on which she built her current successes. 

After so many years working for educational seminar training companies, Markay developed a strong sense of what was missing in the available trading education programs. In 2017, Markay started her own company, designing her classes and workshops around those deficiencies. She offers the kinds of online classes , guidance, and advice that she wishes she’d had when she was learning to trade.  Put another way, Markay’s classes are designed specifically to teach you what other programs can’t.  With Markay, you’ll learn what other programs will teach you and, most importantly, what they won’t teach you.

Markay’s system has helped thousands of people grow their personal wealth in the stock market.  Let her help you. 

What are you waiting for?


You CAN Learn

For many of us, the stock market is a mystery… a puzzle that seems to require an Ivy League degree in business or finance to master successfully. You know people acquire wealth by utilizing the market, but you have no idea how they really do it. So, you watch from the sidelines as other people grow their personal assets, or possibly pay someone 1% of your entire portfolio to do things that you don’t understand. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Really.

Have you wondered if it would be different if someone would just explain it to you in a way that makes sense?
Wall Street is no smarter than you.

Brokers and traders don’t have crystal balls or secret decoder rings.  The only difference between people who consistently make money in the market and you is that they’ve learned there are market tools available and the ways to use them. That knowledge is the difference between making a little money and acquiring significant wealth.

I CAN Teach You

For more than 20 years I’ve been creating and streamlining common-sense systems.

Systems designed to build your wealth utilizing the stock market.

Just like most of you, I started out wanting to turn a small nest egg into something bigger, I wanted more so I could pursue my dreams! I felt I didn’t have to start from scratch, people were already making money, so I studied so many different approaches and programs and systems… some things worked, most didn’t. And from there I began piecing it all together resulting in proven systems I entrust with my family’s future.

Let’s be real, having a system I use and being able to teach it, and teach it well, are two very different things! There are plenty of traders who have their own systems, however, understanding their explanations of it… has mostly left me with a migraine. I can graciously say, that doesn’t happen to my students. I have market success to back up my systems PLUS years of training and public speaking experience. Educating you in a way that makes sense, is easy to understand, and is simple to apply.

I can help you succeed in the market.

Let’s do this together!


The number of lives this amazing team positively has impacted though their leadership.

We, at Markay Latimer, are here to be a guide for those who choose to Never Stop Learning.
For everyone who chooses to ENGAGE more, CONNECT more, and pursue EDUCATION—always.

We are here for those who rise up, go further, and aim to EXCEED THEIR GOALS—EVERY DAY.
We are here for those ANSWERING THE CALL to become all they can with all they have been given.

We are here for YOU if you choose to…Never Stop Learning.


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