LEVERAGE: Do Something Once Get Paid Forever...

The top 2% of earners do things much differently than others. But what is that? When you look at the statistics and surveys of that top group of people there are some very strong correlations within the group.

When I first started reading about the 2% I realized I was definitely not living my life the same way those people were. I was missing some major keys to what seemed to make those people successful. I’m certainly not implementing everything perfectly, but I work daily to get better at incorporating those traits, one at a time, until they become habits. I’m pretty sure this is something that will always be a work in progress but it is great to have a plan to create daily habits that keep me out of my ruts.

Following are some of my takeaways on how the 2%ers live their lives.

They understand common sense (that isn’t so common) principles of money. Within this group you will see people who are not frivolous with their money. They seem to have a desire to better themselves through their learning and their associations. They do not live inside their comfort zone. The 2% also puts a priority on having multiple streams of income, especially passive income. Passive income is the number one way to increase your wealth…and you’re not trading your time for money, it doesn’t get better than that!

PASSIVE INCOME: Income that requires

little to no effort to earn and maintain!