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  1. Hi, Markay. Nice website. Bet you’re happy to get things working again. My account page shows no current subscriptions tho I have Traders Talk and Market Insight. Wonder if they are showing up on my brother’s acct. page since he always purchases these for me. He’s Mallory Miller and I’ll call him tomorrow to see if it’s on his acct. Thanks. Trish

  2. Hey, never mind…….they showed up on my acct. Love “What the Bleep?!!!” Great idea! I have friends always asking me the same questions………I’ll send them to you. Always knew you had a little crazy in you….love it.

  3. Your website looks really good. I miss the Trader Talk and so I will be back soon, Phillip

  4. Aloha Markay, I’m soo glad to be able to connect with you again. I’ve been a student and follower of yours for almost 10 years now ever since Better Trades days. I still find your methods and instructions the easiest to understand. AND, I’m still day trading according to your teachings. I’m not rich yet but I am working on it. Thank you so much for being an amazing example and mentor for me, I aspire to be as a great a trader as you.

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