Meet Markay

Markay is passionate about changing people’s financial future!

She has taught thousands of students how to trade in the stock market and is considered among the best instructors in the country when it comes to technical analysis and stock chart reading.

Most importantly, when Markay Latimer talks to you about learning how to make money in the stock market, she’s backing it up with personal experience.

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                 Markay’s Traders Talk – October 25th 2016

Here’s what you’ll learn with Markay

How to Be a Savvy Investor

Investors and traders alike can do better by utilizing skills taught by Markay. Better entries combined with solid exits and the addition of options when appropriate can make significant improvements in investing strategies.

How to Benefit from a Crashing Market

Not all stocks go up! It is critical to know how to capitalize when stocks are dropping in price. Markay will show you how you can do just that and also help protect your longer-term investment holdings.

How to Trade Short-Term Market Swings

Markay will teach you to use options as a lower-cost way to trade the ups and downs in the market.  When traded correctly, these market fluctuations can provide wonderful opportunities.

Read a Stock Chart Like a Pro

A stock chart is a wealth of information giving traders clues as to the direction a stock may take. That in turn allows one to better position themselves to take advantage of the movement of a stock.

Hear what students have to say

Markay is a great teacher…I have ‘trained’ under her in the past and when I’m trading…I always use her system as my ‘go-to’. Her trading skills are remarkable …and her classes are uplifting and very insightful.

Susan C

Markay is a gem and an awesome instructor whose insights on the market are second to none. Her instruction and guidance has transformed my trading and provided clarity as patterns literally jump off the charts! I will always be grateful to Markay for all her hard work and genuine concern for educating students. Markay rocks!!!

Richard A

I have been very impressed with Markay — who isn’t! This class…has taught me that education is the key, along with practice.

John V