Wall Street does not know more than YOU

They've just learned HOW

That knowledge is the difference

between making a little money and


-Markay Latimer

You Can Learn to Successfully Trade the Stock Market.

For many of us, the stock market is a mystery… a puzzle that seems to require an Ivy League degree in business or finance to master successfully. You know people acquire wealth by utilizing the market, but you have no idea how they really do it. So, you watch from the sidelines as other people grow their personal assets, or possibly pay someone 1% of your entire portfolio to do things that you don’t understand. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Really.

Have you wondered if it would be different if someone would just explain it to you in a way that makes sense?

Wall Street is no smarter than you. Brokers and traders don’t have crystal balls or secret decoder rings.  The only difference between people who consistently make money in the market and you is that they’ve learned there are market tools available and the ways to use them. That knowledge is the difference between making a little money and acquiring significant wealth.

If you wish your life were different…

do your life differently.



Serious training for serious learning.

 Devised from her own straightforward, common-sense thought process, Markay has developed training programs to chart, analyze, invest and trade in the stock market.

These proven systems will give you an unfair advantage on your journey towards unparalleled success.

Markay’s systems has helped thousands of people in the stock market.

Let her help you.

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How to Be a
Savvy Investor

Investors and traders alike can do better by utilizing skills taught by Markay. Better entries combined with solid exits and the addition of options when appropriate can make significant improvements in investing strategies.

How to Benefit from a
Crashing Market

Not all stocks go up! It is critical to know how to capitalize when stocks are dropping in price. Markay will show you how you can do just that and also help protect your longer-term investment holdings.

How to Trade Short-Term
Market Swings

Markay will teach you to use options as a lower-cost way to trade the ups and downs in the market.  When traded correctly, these market fluctuations can provide wonderful opportunities.

How to Read a
Stock Chart Like a Pro

A stock chart is a wealth of information giving traders clues as to the direction a stock may take. That in turn allows one to better position themselves to take advantage of the movement of a stock.

Most think the stock market is a mystery… a puzzle that seems to require an Ivy League degree in business or finance to master successfully.  People acquire wealth through trading the market, but figuring out how they do it is daunting… intimidating, even.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.

-Napoleon Hill 

Online Events

This two-day charting class focuses on acquiring and applying solid charting skills for more refined trade entries and exits. Market conditions are analyzed and assessed along with sector trading and how to use that information for more lucrative and successful trading.

Dramatically improve your trading skills by learning results-oriented charting techniques and how to apply them effectively through twice-weekly, online, interactive sessions. Each session begins with an analysis of market conditions as well as the major indexes and how they pertain to an overall trading plan.

As you learn how Markay analyzes and reads the charts and market behavior, you’ll gain a completely fresh approach to understanding and anticipating market fluctuations. Join the traders who do more than play the market; they WIN the market.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

— Jim Rohn


LEARN... What stocks to buy. Intro to fundamental analysis. Intro to options. Timing. Investing & Option strategies. How to read a stock chart. PLUS your Intro to technical analysis.



in ALL 4 of Markay's INVESTOR Classes! PLUS! Receive The Week Ahead!



in ALL 3 of Markay's TRADER Classes! PLUS! Trader Talk AND Market Insights!


This is the ULTIMATE Stock Training Package!  

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Great class! 2nd day really was fantastic and going through the charts and pointing out
patterns was VERY beneficial. I feel I have a much better grasp on placing my stops
now. Excellent and a must if you want to trade like Markay. The class really brings it all

annon woman
Linda Figueroa

Excellent! Worth coming if one’s desire is to trade the markets in a structured and
organized manner.

annon man
Roshan Jhagru

Great class – very precise, easy to follow, invaluable information. It will change my
trading strategy and hoping my life! Will make my trades profitable and me a successful
trader. Absolutely life changing. Most informative class I’ve had. Everyone should go to
this class FIRST after Market Essentials.

annon woman
Brenda Turley

Excellent! Worth coming if one’s desire is to trade the markets in a structured and
organized manner.

annon man
Roshan Jhagru

Just wanted to let you know that i have averaged about $8,000 per day the last 3 days just doing
your trades....  still don't have the guts to stay in overnight yet...  was in AAPL, LVS, and CME
puts today and got out at the low's...  CME still looks very bearish to me, but it can turn so fast
that i put my profits in the bank.  I am trying to do fewer, higher quality; trades to increase my
success rate. As i mentioned last  night, the CCI indicator does seem to help me with the timing on these
volatile day trades. Thanks so much for helping us and we will be back. 

Kathy Vieth

This was fantastic. Very informative. She really kept my attention from beginning to end.
I have a much greater understanding of how to make more profitable trades and to get in
and out at better points and why I should do what I am doing to trade properly. Without a
doubt. This class is a must do. This information is invaluable.

annon man
Howard Kornblatt

Organized, thorough, interesting, fun, informative, valuable beyond words. Great! Love
her class! I will be much better at seeing entry points and feeling more confident with this
and also understanding indicators. Will now be organized and much more prepared now
for the next days market and also be able to learn from past mistakes and self
improvement. Take it! Great and fun!

annon man
Terri Tyler

I have been very impressed with Markay — who isn’t! This class…has taught me that education is the key, along with practice.

annon man
John V

Markay is a great teacher…I have ‘trained’ under her in the past and when I’m trading…I always use her system as my ‘go-to’. Her trading skills are remarkable …and her classes are uplifting and very insightful.

annon woman
Susan C

Well organized and presented very clearly. This class identified why I tend to get into a
trade too late. It will help me identify better entry and exits points. Narrowing the field of
technical indicators to a manageable and useful handful. Take this class only if you want
to become a successful trader.

annon man
William Corcoran

Material was presented very well in a down to earth manner that made something
technical not seem to difficult to grasp. Before I refrained from using most technicals
because I really did not understand the information that they provided. Now I have a
better understanding – still along way to go. Get to this class as soon after Market
Essentials as you possibly can. And be ready to take it again!

annon man
Dave Olson

Markay is a gem and an awesome instructor whose insights on the market are second to none. Her instruction and guidance has transformed my trading and provided clarity as patterns literally jump off the charts! I will always be grateful to Markay for all her hard work and genuine concern for educating students. Markay rocks!!!

annon man
Richard A

Markay was excellent. I now have a routine to follow that will allow me to be successful.

annon man
Ken Jordan

I’m positive this class will make be a better trader.

annon man
Carlos Gonzalez

Markay presented the material in the course at the same speed and always in control of
the schedule. The class finished on time. She was very clear and most important of all,
she was very sincere in her messages. I will implement the tools or skills of this class in
all of my trades. This class is a must. I found in this class exactly what I was looking for.

annon man
Rafael Gimon

Markay is GREAT! I am taking the class for the second time and now it is really making
good sense. Markay is my inspiration and my model to follow. She is a wonderful
educator, straight to the point, giving guides on how to make it work. She rocks! Thank
you. I will benefit tremendously. My entry points are better now, the technicals and the
chart reading are now helping a lot more. Take this class! It is worth every dollar you
spend. I actually recommend taking it more than once!

annon woman
Aymee Perez

Markay Rocks the House!! I believe after taking this class my trading will be taken to an
entirely new level. Markay not only showed me how to be a better trader but she taught
me how to keep my mind focused on the trade and not the money. I found going thru the
scans and keeping a watch on the market in real time extremely beneficial. You must
attend this class immediately!

annon woman
Justine Bona

Markay is a great teacher... I have trained under her in the past..and when I'm trading
..if things get hairy... I always use her system as my go-to. Her trading skills are remarkable ...and
her classes are uplifting and very insightful. Trading is difficult and not for everyone - but these two
are outstanding. Thanks to them both!

annon woman
Susan Crouse


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