The Investor Mastermind Group 

Join our online monthly mastermind group, tailored for those keen on simplifying investment and leveraging the 

options market for growth period here you’ll collaborate with a focused community aiming to expand their stock 

portfolios using a mix of top stocks and market instruments. Our sessions offer a blend of shared insights and 

strategies, empowering members at all levels to make informed investment choices and achieve their financial goals.




Dedicated Group Chat thru Telegram 

This online chat room offers investors a platform to share and discuss current, actionable investment ideas in real-time. 

Accessible on any mobile device or computer, it’s a convenient and interactive space for investors to exchange insights 

and strategies.  Ideal for staying informed and connected, this chat room caters to investors seeking to enhance  

their  market knowledge and decision-making skills.




The 1K Club 

The “1K Club” offers a distinct advantage every Monday as the markets open, presenting a chance to gauge 

the potential direction for the week.  Join Markay win these insightful sessions, where she expertly analyzes 

 current market conditions and forecasts the trends for the week ahead.  This is your opportunity to start the week

with valuable insights, helping you navigate the markets movements with greater confidence and strategy.






Market Insight 

“Market Insight” is a weekend briefing designed to empower your investing decisions for the upcoming week. It  

offers a comprehensive look a the stock market and upcoming economic reports, providing in-depth analysis and 

forecasts to anticipate market trends.  What sets it apart is the inclusion of a curated watchlist of stocks, highlighting 

potential trades and investment opportunities – research is done for you, saving precious time.  This publication

is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to make well-informed financial decisions efficiently and effectively, ensuring

you’re always one step ahead in your investment journey.