Advanced Charting for Traders (Recording)


Are You Serious About Improving Your Trades?

Join Markay to laser sharpen your chart reading skills! Her course, Advanced Charting for Traders will have you timing your trades using proven price chart patterns and indicators. This major two-day event is a hands-on, practical application for making technical analysis PROFITABLE.

During this two-day event you’re going to:

  • Discover the secrets to finding better stocks to trade and how to marry different time frames for the most reliable entries and exits.
  • Gain the skills to recognize key set-ups for strong entries and exits
  • Clearly see when a stock is changing direction
  • Acquire the expertise to utilize gaps
  • Learn how to properly use intraday charts! Anyone can see the trades after they’ve have happened but YOU will learn how to easily identify, and capitalize, on the signals of an upcoming trade after attending Advanced Charting for Traders.
  • $2595


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