Psychology of Trading


Stress Much? Suffer from Recently Syndrome?

Everything makes sense…until money is on the line! Have you ever noticed that you may have the perfect trading plan but once you invest money you forget your plan? Or you may completely change the plan as your emotions take over? You know the best way to invest or trade is to remain unemotional, but you are human.

Being human, you may suffer from Recently Syndrome, which is letting a trade that didn’t go your way, affect your future trading decisions. This may cause a delay in reacting to trades or investments you know you should take but you are too afraid to.

How do you handle the ups and downs in the market? If you’ve even had a trade go to zero, how do you overcome that experience to let a trade run? And how on earth, if you’ve ever had a bad trade, can you trust the chart?

These mental hurdles, and many more, are addressed and adjusted in Psychology of Trading.


  • Stress management skills you can use when trading & investing
  • Wealth psychology lessons you can use to improve your mindset
  • How to overcome obstacles that are preventing successful trading
  • Mindset coaching to rein in your emotions and make logical, fact-based trading & investing decisions


  • 2-day live class
  • archived and available to subscribers


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