Whether you’re new to investing or an established investor who wants to make his money work harder, these classes will enable you to take control of your financial investments and grow your money.  

The Stock Market Landlord course introduces the trading methodology that has created much of the wealth in the S&P 500. Markay will demonstrate how to implement this strategy with a small amount of money and grow your wealth from there. This is the class to learn how to capture consistent and low risk returns, how to identify and maximize dividends, and how to incorporate options trading into your investing strategy.

Whether you’re new to investing or an established investor who wants to make their money work harder, this course will enable you to take control of your financial investments and grow your money.

Stock Market Landlord

Stock Market Landlord will teach you how to:

  • Choose a broker and set up a brokerage account 
  • Find the higher paying yet lower risk dividend payers by understanding the world of dividends
  • Incorporate options into your dividend vehicles to increase returns exponentially by “renting” your stock on a quarterly, monthly, and sometimes weekly basis
  • Optimize dividend cash you receive and leverage it to purchase more stock
  • Lower your overall risks and increase your overall returns

And best of all? You can start with very little money. So, what are you waiting for? 


  • One day live cast
  • Class will be recorded, archived, and available to subscribers.
  • $995
Markay’s presentation was comprehensive and very well organized. She gave an overview and then systematically addressed each concept that explained in detail the idea presented. Her presentation was complete, concrete and generous in its content. The most concrete, precise and articulate trading system I have been exposed to. Outstanding way to learn a practical and logical trading system. I highly recommend Markay and her system. And Markay is kind and generous with her information.
Monica Hoffmann

Why pay retail? Did you know that you don’t have to pay the retail price when purchasing stocks?

Sound too good to be true?

Learn the strategy savvy investors use to buy stocks at a discount.

Buying Stocks at a Discount

In this class you will learn to use the options market to buy stocks at a discount. You may not take ownership of the stock right away, but you are collecting a premium each week or month until you do.

You will also learn what types of stocks and other financial instruments make good candidates for this strategy. Part two of this class will bring in the timing of this strategy and how two basic charting skills can give you an edge.


  • 4 Hour Class
  • Class will be recorded, archived, and available to subscribers.
  • $495

You may already know that renting stocks for extra income is amazing. But imagine if you could ramp up your “rental” income even more.

Covered Call Hacks will help you do just that. In this one-day class you will learn to take your covered calls to the next level. 

You will learn how using charts the right way will help increase your “rental” income on stocks. You will also learn how buying your calls back at key points in the chart can lead to even higher premiums and more “rental” opportunities.


Covered Call Hacks

You do not need expensive stocks to bring in good premiums. You will learn to pick quality, inexpensive stocks and to incorporate this strategy to a diversified group of exchange traded funds. On top of all that, this Covered Call Hacks covers how to utilize this strategy even if you don’t own any stocks.


  • 4 Hour Class
  • Class will be recorded, archived, and available to subscribers.
  • $495

Why just invest when you can amplify?

With this class, you’ll learn to read a stock chart like a professional. And you’ll join the experts who know how to buy stocks for a discount with options, how to maximize investment returns with better market entries and exits, and how to apply innovative techniques to the traditional covered call strategy.

Perhaps even more importantly, at the completion of the course, you’ll have the confidence to handle more advanced challenges and situations as they arise.

Amplified Investing

Amplified Investing will teach you to:

  • Properly evaluate and determine the best stocks to invest in;
  • Leverage financial resources to begin investing with less;
  • Diversify your portfolio to minimize risk and maximize returns;
  • Use option strategies to purchase stocks at a discount;
  • Employ technical analysis to increase your covered call premium; and
  • Increase your return rate through calculated and thoughtful investment strategies. 

You can continue to be a typical trader, or you can up your game and be an amplified investor.  The choice is yours.


  • $1995
Must Take. Especially with Markay as instructor. Cannot be profitable without this level of education. Clear voice, great energy! Good materials. World class, a privilege to spend time with her help.
Michael Linnik


Dramatically improve your trading skills by learning results-oriented charting techniques and how to apply them effectively

Charts display the current and past performance of a stock. How on earth does that help you make better trades and investments?

It all comes down to the fact that patterns display the emotion of all traders and investors in a stock and once you learn how to read those emotions you can begin to profit from them. There are certain patterns that develop in bullish, in bearish and in sideways markets. By learning what those patterns are and how to apply them, your market skills increase dramatically. After attending and reviewing this class you will be reading a price chart like a pro.

Charting Made Simple

In Charting Made Simple you will learn to read the price chart of stocks, exchange traded funds, indices, currency pairs, etc. (basically anything you can get a chart of). Markay will break down the chart into key price patterns that indicate where a stock is more likely to go and how fast it may get there. In this class you will find a special emphasis on identifying chart patterns that precede explosive moves. As you learn to identify these patterns you will be able to position in before the move. And as you know, getting in before or near the beginning of the move is how you make money off of an upswing or downswing.

Charting Made Simple will teach you practical, money making ways to read price patterns. You will also learn how to read and apply candlestick charts. While there are thousands of price and candle patterns, in this class you will learn to identify and use the most practical patterns with the highest probability of success. 


  • $249 /monthly
Markay is a great teacher…I have ‘trained’ under her in the past and when I’m trading…I always use her system as my ‘go-to’. Her trading skills are remarkable …and her classes are uplifting and very insightful.
Susan C

Are You Serious About Improving Your Trades? 

Join Markay to laser sharpen your chart reading skills! Her course, Advanced Charting for Traders will have you timing your trades using proven price chart patterns and indicators. This major two-day event is a hands-on, practical application for making technical analysis PROFITABLE.

Advanced Charting for Traders

During this two-day event you’re going to:

  • Discover the secrets to finding better stocks to trade and how to marry different time frames for the most reliable entries and exits.
  • Gain the skills to recognize key set-ups for strong entries and exits
  • Clearly see when a stock is changing direction
  • Acquire the expertise to utilize gaps
  • Learn how to properly use intraday charts! Anyone can see the trades after they’ve have happened but YOU will learn how to easily identify, and capitalize, on the signals of an upcoming trade after attending Advanced Charting for Traders.
  • $2495

Trend Setting Trades

This two-day charting class focuses on acquiring and applying solid charting skills for more refined trade entries and exits.  Market conditions are analyzed and assessed along with sector trading and how to use that information for more lucrative and successful trading. Learn to fine-tune your charting skills and enter trades near the beginning of each move. Spot trends and find the balance between letting your trades run and taking profits quickly. Identify trades with the higher likelihood of success based on the charts and market conditions.  However, sometimes the best trade is no trade at all; learn to identify patterns that show the risks may be too high to exercise a trade.  


  • $2495
Markay is a gem and an awesome instructor whose insights on the market are second to none. Her instruction and guidance has transformed my trading and provided clarity as patterns literally jump off the charts! I will always be grateful to Markay for all her hard work and genuine concern for educating students. Markay rocks!!!
Richard A

Stress Much? Suffer from Recently Syndrome?

Everything makes sense…until money is on the line! Have you ever noticed that you may have the perfect trading plan but once you invest money you forget your plan? Or you may completely change the plan as your emotions take over? You know the best way to invest or trade is to remain unemotional, but you are human.

Being human, you may suffer from Recently Syndrome, which is letting a trade that didn’t go your way, affect your future trading decisions. This may cause a delay in reacting to trades or investments you know you should take but you are too afraid to.

How do you handle the ups and downs in the market? If you’ve even had a trade go to zero, how do you overcome that experience to let a trade run? And how on earth, if you’ve ever had a bad trade, can you trust the chart?

Psychology of Trading

These mental hurdles, and many more, are addressed and adjusted in Psychology of Trading.


  • Stress management skills you can use when trading & investing
  • Wealth psychology lessons you can use to improve your mindset
  • How to overcome obstacles that are preventing successful trading
  • Mindset coaching to rein in your emotions and make logical, fact-based trading & investing decisions


  • 2-day live class
  • archived and available to subscribers
  • $1,995

Dramatically improve your trading skills by learning results-oriented charting techniques and how to apply them effectively through twice-weekly, online, interactive sessions. Each session begins with an analysis of market conditions as well as the major indexes and how they pertain to an overall trading plan.  Next, Markay will examine individual stocks and sectors that are trade-worthy, and finally she’ll close with a watchlist of stocks with trade potentials for the next few days. These talks aren’t your standard snooze-fests that just reiterate the author’s most recent book or blog post or leave you so confused afterward that you’re worse off than before you took the class.  Markay’s online classes are formatted like open classrooms, in which she teaches and answers questions throughout the session. The tone is conversational and engaging, the focus is clear and simple, and the “classroom” is friendly and positive. Markay will even offer advice and guidance on trades you are considering.

Trader Talk

In Traders Talk sessions you will learn how to:

  • Acquire and improve your charting skills;
  • Identify and analyze trade set-ups, both entries and exits;
  • Evaluate current and future economic events and their possible effects on your trades;
  • Consider and apply risk management techniques;
  • Locate new investment opportunities through current market analysis; and
  • Identify which stocks and sectors are better trading and investing vehicles in any market situation.

These sessions will also provide an opportunity for you to connect with fellow traders and share lessons learned and successes achieved. Class sessions are recorded and available on the website to subscribed students after the class completion.

This is the course series that can get you started or take you to the next level.  And it’s the one you’ll never forget.


  • Choose from a quarterly or monthly online subscription.
  • Sessions range in length from one to 1 ½ hours.
  • Classes air every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm ET.
  • $1295 /quarterly
The single most valuable decision I made was registering for Markay Latimer's Traders Talk. In short, Markay is a gem and an awesome instructor whose insights on the market are second to none. Her instruction and guidance has transformed my trading and provided clarity as patterns literally jump off the charts! I will always be grateful to Markay for all her hard work and genuine concern for educating students. Markay rocks!!!

Everyone thinks they have a great system to analyze and track the market, but how many have Markay’s success to prove it? In these vlogs, Markay analyzes current market conditions and explains how they could impact possible trading opportunities. She addresses trend trading, both intraday and short-term, identifies emerging patterns, and provides in-depth analysis of the S&P 500.  Markay will share her technical analysis for the broad market, as well as baskets of individual stocks, using indicators such as moving averages and Bollinger bands. Her vlogs discuss topics from impending earning announcements or splits and what they mean for trading to stocks that are hitting an important technical benchmark, such as a higher high or new low, and more. As you learn how Markay analyzes and reads the charts and market behavior, you’ll gain a completely fresh approach to understanding and anticipating market fluctuations.  Subscribers to Market Insights may be able to identify potential breakouts or breakdowns before they even show up on the radar of other traders. Join the traders who do more than play the market; they WIN the market.

Market Insights


  • Quarterly online subscription. 
  • Recorded classes are 20 to 40-minutes long and posted two or three times per week, typically on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesdays.
  • Recorded classes are archived for unlimited viewing for 10 days.
  • This class works best in conjunction with the Trader Talk class.
  • $695 /quarterly
I have been very impressed with Markay — who isn’t! This class…has taught me that education is the key, along with practice.
John V.

Combo Package



  • Quarterly online subscription. 
  • $1990 /quarterly




  • What stocks to buy
  • Intro to fundamental analysis
  • Intro to options
  • Timing: Investing, Trading, Trend, Swing, Day
  • Investing strategies
  • Option strategies
  • How to read a stock chart
  • Intro to technical analysis


(Retail $2,995)




  • Stock Market Landlord
    1 Day Course
  • Buying Stocks at a Discount
    1 Day Course
  • Covered Call Hacks
    1 Day Course
  • Amplified Investing
    2 Day Course
  • The Week Ahead
    Weekly Emailed
    or available in My Account page

(Retail $10,275)




  • Market Maneuvers
    2 Day Course
  • Futures
    1 Day Course
  • Trend Setting Trades
    2 Day Course
  • Trader Talk
    Bi Weekly Live online
  • Market Insight
    3x per week Emailed
    or available in My Account page

(Retail $8,975)



Includes all 3 Tracks! PLUS MORE!

You get…

  • Fast Track to Financial Fluency
  • Investing Track
  • Trading Track


  • Lifetime Admission to ML Mastermind Group

(Retail $37,245)



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