Trader Talk

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Markay Latimer has a gift for explaining stock market charts and indicators in a clear, understandable way.



When you’re learning to grow vegetables or flowers in a garden…

it’s nice to have a friend who is a gardener nearby to help with the learning process.

When you’re learning how to do basic car maintenance, such as an oil change…

it’s nice to have a friend who has experience working on cars.

When you’re learning your way around a kitchen…

it’s nice to be able to phone a friend who know how to cook and ask for assistance.

• Wouldn’t that same thing apply to the stock market?
• Wouldn’t it be nice to have an instructor who is familiar with the market?
• Wouldn’t it be helpful to have access to someone with stock market experience?


Twice each week you have the opportunity to link up with an experienced stock market instructor, someone who has for years helped others learn about the stock and options market.

Markay Latimer has taught thousands of students how to trade the stock market.

Markay knows the questions that students have and always does her best to answer them in a positive way.

Markay is considered one of the top teachers of technical analysis in the country.

She has studied patterns for years. She’s conducted tests to see how Bollinger Bands and moving averages can be used to find potential trading opportunities.

Students often come to Markay’s class because of her teaching style.

She conducts class in a conversational tone that engages students and brings them into the discussion.

She has a way of answering questions in a way that make sense and don’t overcomplicate the issue.

Markay has gotten to know many of her students through classes and considers them friends and extended members of the family.