Charting Made Simple

$249.00 for 1 month

Charts display the current and past performance of a stock. How on earth does that help you make better trades and investments?

It all comes down to the fact that patterns display the emotion of all traders and investors in a stock and once you learn how to read those emotions you can begin to profit from them. There are certain patterns that develop in bullish, in bearish and in sideways markets. By learning what those patterns are and how to apply them, your market skills increase dramatically. After attending and reviewing this class you will be reading a price chart like a pro.

In Charting Made Simple you will learn to read the price chart of stocks, exchange traded funds, indices, currency pairs, etc. (basically anything you can get a chart of). Markay will break down the chart into key price patterns that indicate where a stock is more likely to go and how fast it may get there. In this class you will find a special emphasis on identifying chart patterns that precede explosive moves. As you learn to identify these patterns you will be able to position in before the move. And as you know, getting in before or near the beginning of the move is how you make money off of an upswing or downswing.

Charting Made Simple will teach you practical, money making ways to read price patterns. You will also learn how to read and apply candlestick charts. While there are thousands of price and candle patterns, in this class you will learn to identify and use the most practical patterns with the highest probability of success.



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