Market Insights

$695.00 for 3 months

Join Markay Latimer as she analyzes current market conditions and explains how they could impact possible trading opportunities. Markay teaches trend trading, both intraday and short-term in length, and looks for developing patterns.



AT LEAST TWICE EACH WEEK, Markay will post a video that will offer information that you may want to be aware of that could have an impact on the way you trade.

Markay is an experienced stock market educator. 

She has taught THOUSANDS of students how to trade the stock market.

Her technical analysis skills, especially in reading charts and using indicators like moving averages and Bollinger Bands, is BEYOND BELIEF!

She puts all these abilities together to craft these MARKET INSIGHTS videos.

The videos (which are archived for unlimited viewing for 10 days) feature Markay’s in-depth analysis of the S&P 500. She’ll teach you what the technical analysis is showing for the broad market, as well as baskets of individual stocks.

Here’s what sort of analysis you can expect from Markay:

• Awareness of impending earnings announcements or splits

• Awareness when a candidate is reaching an important technical level, such as a higher high or new low

• Awareness when an opportunity is getting close to hitting a Bollinger Band or significant moving average

Subscribers to the Market Insight videos may be able to identify potential breakouts or breakdowns before they even show up on the radar for other traders! It’s this sort of instruction that makes Markay’s teaching so valuable. The Market Insights class is a perfect complement to Markay’s Trader Talk class.