Amplified Investing November 7-8, 2019


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Amplify your investing returns with Markay on November 7-8, 2019. While attending this class, you will see how stock charts give daily clues that, when recognized, can help increase your stock market returns. You will learn to read a stock chart like a pro and you will leave class knowing how to maximize your investing returns with better entries and exits with your stocks and options. Markay will also teach you to buy stocks for a discount and prepare you to handle more advanced situations, such as how to make money in a down market, as you learn to apply innovative techniques to the traditional covered call strategy. The event will be held live at the Anderson Event Center in Las Vegas or live stream.

By attending Amplified Investing you will gain the skills to:

  • Find less expensive ways to start investing
  • Make money when markets are going up and when they are going down
  • Use option strategies to buy stocks at a discount
  • Use technical analysis to increase your covered call premium
  • Apply advanced levels of the strategy to increase your returns
  • Discern which stocks make better investments
  • Properly diversify your portfolio to take advantage of the best moving sectors

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